About The Company

We believe that a doctor must always be available for his patients and that can be a daunting task in most parts of the world. To avoid the hassles that crop up around consulting a reliable doctor, we have formed a team and have been at it for close to 7 years now. We have a team of efficient, reliable and certified doctors who are capable of providing exceptional care to all our clients. Let us introduce you to Our Team.

Amanda Dorkes

First up is Amanda Dorkes. She happens to be our clinical director. She had trained as a pharmacist at Brighton University and after her graduation; she finished her pre-registration training and took up management roles. She was handed over the responsibility of 30 different pharmacies in her tenure and she managed all of them successfully. She is currently employed with our pharmacy for the past 4 years.

Dr Clyde Mackey

Dr Mackey had finished his medical training from Queensland University and has worked for 5 years at the Townville Hospital. He has a major experience in the UK as well as American General Medicine. He has launched a skin cancer clinic and is now associated with our company.

Dr Sean Pilot

Dr Pilot has a research fellowship in HIV medication and he is also a member of the Royal College of General Practitioners. He uses creative therapies as well as an integrated medical approach to treat his patients. He also has a Masters in Epidemiology from the London School of Hygiene.

Dr Jean Wong

Dr Wong had attended the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and she has worked in several hospitals of Ireland and has also specialized in sexual health and clinical psychiatry. Our team is dedicated to helping serve you better so that you can lead happier and healthier lives.