What Are The Benefits Of An Online Doctor Consultation?

The ability to consult a doctor online has actually proved to be a boon to people all across the world. There are a number of reasons why people prefer to consult a doctor over the Internet and these reasons are not having enough time, the need to travel a lot and the high fees of visiting a doctor in a nursing home or a hospital. There are patients who are chronically ill and might require frequent follow-ups and for them, consulting a doctor online is a huge benefit. For aged patients, online consultations save the time and trouble that they would have to take otherwise.

A lot of online pharmacies like Medicine Direct offer people the option to order medicines online as well as offer doctor consultations. Listed below are the other benefits of online doctor consultations. Immediate Medical Attention: The best part about an online doctor consultation is the fact that you get instant answers and solutions. You will not have to wait to book an appointment, travel all the way and wait for your turn. You get a doctor's assistance and diagnosis right away. For example, if you have an acute stomach ache and are unsure of what to do, an online doctor will help you with immediate pain relief.

Round the clock service

You can have a health condition at any point in time and you might not be in a situation to visit a hospital right away. Most clinics have a particular consultation time and your doctor might not be available during odd hours and your condition might worsen if you need to wait. An online doctor will not make you wait and will be at your service round the clock.

Distance Doesn't Matter

An online doctor consultation portal is accessible in all parts of a country and that helps people who live in remote areas. Geographical boundaries do not matter at all when it comes to consulting a doctor online. If someone resides in a remote village then an online portal will help him or her to get immediate answers without having to travel all the way to the hospital. It is also cost and time efficient. You will neither need to travel nor spend money while travelling.


There are a lot of issues that people might not want to share with everyone. For example, accidental pregnancies, sex-related problems and diseases, gynaecological issues etc. For most of these, people are not quite sure about whom to refer and how to hide the problems. In such situations, an online doctor consultation takes away all the trouble. One can address the issue without the fear of being judged or the fear of people knowing about it. they have better control over their situation.


While consulting a doctor online, you have the freedom to choose the kind of doctor you want to. There is a whole catalogue that you can follow and find out the doctor of your choice. You can also choose any gender of a doctor. This is yet another benefit. A lot of women are not comfortable referring to male doctors for intimate health problems and having a female doctor offers them confidence. Moreover, you are also free to consult a doctor who speaks your language so that explaining the problems get a lot easier.

Medical History

Consulting a doctor online saves you the trouble of maintaining a hundred files of prescriptions etc. Your data is safely stored in the online portal of the company and every time you need to consult a doctor, your profile is displayed.

This makes for convenient future reference. You also have access to all your reports and history so that your records are also maintained.

Taking Second Opinion

Taking a second opinion is so much easier when you are referring to a doctor online. You might not like what the first doctor diagnosed and might want to consult another doctor. You might also want to take a second opinion just to be extra cautious. There are a good number of companies providing online doctor consultation and the only thing that you have got to remember is to do a short research on the doctors and their certification before beginning to trust a company.